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Whole Life Insurance and Estate Planning

Settling an estate can be devastating to a family's finances. Heirs are often left with many unanticipated expenses, ranging from debts to administrative fees. Heirs are often forced to liquidate assets, like the family home or the family business. Court and probate records show that in 75% of the cases, the estates do not have the cash to pay for these costs. Whole life insurance or standard life insurance is important in estate planning, because the benefits from life insurance are payable immediately and can be used to meet these expenses. Life insurance helps to ensure that your family is financially taken care of.  
whole life insurance rates

Estate Planning List of Dos!
Here's a list of things to be aware of when establishing an estate plan.
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  Choosing your beneficiaries  
  This seems as though it would be a simple undertaking, but it actually need to be planned very diligently.
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  Today's funeral expenses  
  Funeral expenses are extremely high in today's world.
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whole life insurance rates